Simply, a dosa is a pancake made from rice flour and black lentils. You can read various foodie odes to the Indian staple and fill your head with more information than is probably necessary; what you really want to do is fill your guts with a dosa from N.Y. Dosas, a food cart usually posted up at Washington Square South at Sullivan Street.

Thiru Kumar, a man gifted in the culinary arts and the art of mustache growing, fills the handmade rava masala dosas with potatoes and vegetables before dressing them with a sweet coconut chutney. Try the lentil soup; it'll keep you warm through whatever round of snowpocalypse we're facing. For $5, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better meal. And you can show all the NYU students huddled around that with your sophisticated vegetarian taste you're just as stuck up as them.

N.Y. Dosas
Washington Sq. S. at Sullivan St.