One of the best surprises of last year's E3 show was Sony's announcement of a new Twisted Metal game in 2011 for the PS3. After all, there's road rage and then there's insane road destruction, and we immediately knew that once we got over our crippling fear of murderous clowns, we'd be first in line to play.

Clearly, David Jaffe, the franchise creator (and the man behind the God of War series as well) is prepared to bring us an innovative thrill ride that eclipses the 1995 original. From this video—which was actually filmed during last year's Comic-Con and inexplicably just came out—it sounds like he's especially about the multiplayer mayhem and vehicular combat that were part of his original vision of Twisted Metal 15 years ago. Not only can you command some wheels, but now you can bring down your opponents from the air. Looks like the rating for this game will be somewhere between the letters L and N. Or possibly IU for Involuntary Urination. Seriously, we hate clowns.

By Elton Jones