You know what’s so great about being a movie buff? When it comes to films, diversity is actually encouraged, unlike in music. Name one Waka Flocka Flame fan who’d admit to owning an Elton John album. See what we mean? Our favorite films of 2010 speak to this point. Without even flinching, we’ve loved an animated dragon, adolescent vampires, mental patients, children’s toys, amputation, drugs hidden in a guy’s ass, and a dude dropping a deuce in a girl’s mouth all the same. The awards committees might frown upon something called The Human Centipede, but not Complex—we respect that flick just as much as highbrow critics’ wet dreams put on screen, like Black Swan and A Prophet. There simply isn't a top-movies-of-the-year list quite like ours, so grab some popcorn, crack a bottle, and see where these films and others landed in our countdown of the the 25 best movies of 2010...

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