Ahhh, the 1990s. Remember them shits? Baywatch. The Macarena. The Chicago Bulls. Bill f*ckin' Clinton. Monica Lewinsky f*ckin' Bill f*ckin' Clinton. Biggie and 'Pac. Good days, right? Good days, indeed, and hot women, too. From the grizzliest old editorial vets to the greenest editorial interns, everybody at Complex lusted after some girl (or girls) in the '90s. From Carmen Electra to Nia Long; Liz Phair to Aaliyah, the decade had a little something for everybody. So much so, in fact, that we couldn't give you just the 25 hottest women of the decade, or the 50 flyest females, or even the 69 most lust-inducing lasses. Nope, we're going with the 90 Hottest Women of the '90s. What can we say, we like symmetry.

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