"Harry Brown" DVD Giveaway: Take Our Trivia Challenge!

"Harry Brown" DVD Giveaway: Take Our Trivia Challenge!

Harry_brown_leadThere's nothing sweeter than revenge, especially if it's a violent tale of payback starring Sir Michael Caine! In the bloody good British thriller Harry Brown, the world renowned thespian plays the titular anti-hero, a former Royal Marine and veteran of the conflict in Northern Ireland who brings pain to the young punks terrorizing his housing development after they murder his best friend. In the tradition of Death Wish, Taxi Driver, and The Brave One, it'll make you cheer for the "good" guy whose bad ass probably deserves to be locked up along with the criminals he despises. Somebody has to teach these Twitter-lovin' teenage hoodlums, right?

Harry Brown comes out on Sony Pictures Home Entertainment Blu-ray and DVD today and it's a must that you add it to your collection. It's well worth a little of your hard earned money, but you can win a free DVD copy here by simply answering one trivia question. After the jump, check the Harry Brown trailer, then take our one-question quiz for your shot at winning...

• Trivia Question: What do people in the UK call housing projects?


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