The 50 Best Raunchy Teen Comedies

Today is the official first day of summer, which means toes are out, twos are out, and we're out trying to find chicks who won't run away just because we're walking down the street with our joints out. What? You expected class and civility from a bunch of heathens who learned the birds and the bees from raunchy teen sex comedies? Here at Complex, we swell (with pride) at our extensive knowledge of the genre that gives hormone-crazed dudes like us coming-of-age stories that simply couldn't be told without DD-list actresses bouncing up and down or going (gulp) full frontal. OK, they may not be Citizen Kane or Ghandi, and some of them have downright absurd premises for the payoff, but we can count with our fingers at least five reasons every guy should be up on his teen sex comedies (well, we could if our dominant hand weren't otherwise occupied). For your viewing pleasure, as summer really starts to heat up, Complex put together a list of the 50 best raunchy teen comedies. Get up on them and you may get a few ideas for how to get up on some other things...

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