Complex's June/July 2010 Issue Officially Hits Stands On June 8, Starring M.I.A. and Russell Brand.

Two years ago, we had a "Who the fuck is that guy?" moment while watching Russell Brand steal the show as out-of-control rock star Aldous Snow in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Turns out his standup had been making Brits laugh for a while, and since then we've caught up. After hosting the MTV VMAs in 2008 and 2009, Brand is on the verge of becoming a bonafide star in the States, thanks to his new movie, Get Him To The Greek, where he's reprising his rockstar role from Sarah Marshall. It doesn't hurt that he's also engaged to our girl Katy Perry (who coincidentally covered Complex's June/July issue last year). The new issue with M.I.A. and Russell Brand hits stands in a few weeks, but we're giving you a chance to check out the full cover story now, where Russell speaks on everything from overcoming heroin addiction to finally settling down with wifey...


Watch The Behind-The-Scenes Russell Brand Video:

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