Russell Brand

Russell Brand
Do you think the desire to have sex with tons of women ever goes away, or is it just a bottomless pit?
Russell Brand: It's a bottomless pit; it's not like you could ever fill that. But [before Katy] I'd never met anyone before where I thought, "OK, this makes sense. This is now a time to make an effort." Our first date was in New York, we met when we were doing the VMAs. I'd met her a year before, then I bumped into her at a dress rehearsal and had a really lovely flirt. She's a strong character, and it really knocked me off my center. When we went for a date, I was nervous.
Uh, that's because you're a human male.
Russell Brand: Normally, I'm good at first dates, 'cause that's the only date I ever have, so I know how to control it and be confident. But everything I was saying was falling flat. I used to take drugs in the past, and there was a little bit where it felt like I took too much acid or too much coke or something. Like this moment of intense nervousness, and I had to sort of ground myself, 'cause I felt like I was falling in love with her really quickly. From that first date, I didn't return another call to another girl, didn't go anywhere, didn't mess around with anybody at all. It's almost been a relief.
Have you ever been scared by a woman you were with?
Russell Brand: By a woman? Well, not scared of them as individuals, but I started to get an idea that maybe this wasn't a good way to be living. Not necessarily from a moral perspective, but I just felt like I was going around in circles. It was a little unfulfilling spiritually, although I was really enjoying it. You can live like that for a while, but I think if you continue past a certain point, it becomes a bit tragic.
One time I was in London and this woman outside a strip club said to me, "How's your stomach, love?"
Russell Brand: How's your stomach?
The only thing I could think was that something inside might turn my stomach. But I also didn't know if it was slang or what.
Russell Brand: That is not slang.
So there was something intense in there.
Russell Brand: Clearly. I think it meant what you intuitively thought: That something going on in that strip club is so harmful and dark, that you need to be a man to handle it. [Laughs.] Not just a straightforward, "Have a look at my boobs." I think it's a good job you didn't go in.
I might not be here.
Russell Brand: You might not be! You might still be sprawled on some carpet in Soho, looking at something stomach-churning. [Laughs.]
A buddy of mine was addicted to heroin and he told me that people who say quitting cigarettes is harder than quitting heroin are wrong.
Russell Brand: Yeah, your buddy's right. I get irritable without cigarettes, but when you come off heroin, you vomit, you get hot, cold, sweating, sick, itching—and the worst of all of it is your legs kicking. That's why the phrase is "kick the habit." I've come off heroin twice, and the worst part is laying in bed kicking and not being able to keep still. The physical withdrawal doesn't last that long, but then it's just all psychological. I think it's worse than cigarettes.

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