If Google has their way, all the software we use will get their Jamie Foxx and T.I. on and live in the sky. Or the "cloud" as it's commonly referred to. We've already seen a number of companies release Web 2.0 programs meant to replace traditional software that lives on your hard drive—Google's online productivity suite, Google Docs comes to mind. One of our favorite web programs is the online image editor, Pixlr.com.

While not as powerful or feature filled as Photoshop, it will let you do a lot more than most online image editors that remove red eyes and re-size photos. There's a number of options for layers, color adjustment and over 15 built in filters. The interface is incredibly intuitive and easy to use; it's also customizable so you can change things around to suite your habits. If you're a heavy Photoshop use, this won't replace it. But if you're like the rest of us and only use the basic functions, Pixlr is worth a shot. Check below to see a video of Pixlr in use.


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