The Top 50 Candy Countdown


Those Involved: Torcher Scorchers, Warheads Exteme Sour Juniors, Warheads SuperSour Spray, Warheads SuperSour Spray w/Lollipop, Warheads SuperSour DoubleDrops, and Warheads Sour Chewy QBZ
You Aughta Know: It has been proven that if too many Warheads are consumed at once temporary tongue damage and irritation can occur. These include temporary loss of taste and numbness for hours on end in some cases.

The O.G. of extreme sour candies was so potent that it waited till 1993 to hit the streets in the U.S., despite being available in Taiwan over two decades earlier. This instant kick in the mouth took about 45 seconds for the taste of the white, acidic (probably toxic) sour coating to wear off before you got to sweet flavors like green apple, cherry, and blueberry.

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