Oh man does it suck to be a Louisianan today. For one, Mardi Gras ended yesterday, spelling bad news for bead salesmen and the girls with daddy issues who provide their business. And two, the governor of the state made a complete jumping jackass of himself on national TV last night, likely grounding his presidential campaign two years before it could start.

But cheer up Bayou State denizens, y'all got a whole gaggle of mighty purty ladies what come from your state! And to give you something to think about besides the premiums (or lack thereof) on your flood insurance, we present The 9 Hottest Louisianan Women...

Claim to fame: "America's Girl Next Door." Or that chick that gets nude in Twilight (1998), we're not sure which.

Claim to fame: Technically a Mississipian, but her dad's full Looozianer Cajun (bon ton and all that good stuff). She's a "Party of Five" star, and one-fourth of the Mean Girls quartet (the one-fourth that didn't go on to be either crazy and/or successful).

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