Earlier today, we debuted our February/March cover story with Kobe Bryant, and barring any more technological fuckery (where are we, Pennsylvania Dutch country?), tomorrow we will be revealing the sexy side of our Feb/March issue: 24's delectable Elisha Cuthbert, who happens to hail from Canada.

So in the interest of upholding good diplomatic relations between ourselves and our northern neighbors, we'd like to pay homage to the land of polar bear bestiality and Molson with another classic Worldwide Wednesday. Read on to see the nine women who put the "hot" in "Hottawa." What's that? It's not called'ah, forget it. Just look at some pictures...

#9. Pamela Anderson
Claim to fame: The original barbie-turned-amateur-pornstar-turned-MILF-turned-cougar. Undertalented would-be starlets, take note.

#8. Kristin Kreuk
Claim to fame: First on Smallville now about to high-kick her way into a Street Fighter movie that's sure to somehow be more of a candy-colored turd than the original. At least that had a soundtrack classic.

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