With starring roles in The Final Destination (in 3-D!) and You and I, Shantel VanSanten is proving she’s a star in every dimension

By Joe La Puma, Photography by Smallz & Raskind
If you’re looking for a chick to hang out with your boys and laugh at all your dick jokes, Shantel VanSanten may be your dream woman. The star of August’s The Final Destination and this fall’s girl-on-girl heavy You and I (opposite Mischa Barton) is the self-described “goofiest person ever” and doesn’t shy away from a little locker room talk. Which is great for all of us. But don’t get it twisted—when the 24-year-old Minnesota native and former swimsuit model says she’s “one of the guys,” she’s lying. You’ll know what we mean when you see her in 3-D.
What’s the weirdest thing about being in a 3-D flick?
Shantel VanSanten:The way that they shoot it, they have two cameras with the right eye and one with the left and they converge and it comes out in one image. It’s actually over a million dollars for each camera. That part of it was really cool, but the sex scene I had was a little bit weird.
Yeah, most of the sex we have is a little bit weird too. What’s the 3-D version like?
Shantel VanSanten:I just wanted to know what it looks like. I think my ass in 3-D would be really interesting. [Laughs.] I did a movie in Russia with Mischa Barton, and that had a love scene in it too.
Ah, yes, the scene with Mischa. We’re looking forward to that one.
Shantel VanSanten:We spent about five months shooting, and one day they were like, “OK, now we’re gonna shoot a sex scene in a rotating bed!” It was more of a scene about love than softcore porn. Love is love in my mind; we’ve all experimented, and it’s no big deal.
Mischa’s a little more experienced with that, though—she kissed Olivia Wilde on The O.C. Did you feel any pressure to be a better kisser?
Shantel VanSanten:No, I know I am, it’s all good. [Laughs.] Just kidding! They actually made fun of Mischa ’cause she’s had a lot of lesbian scenes. They said she’d better be good—it was her second one, and only my first.
So when you’re not kissing girls, what type of dudes do you like?
Shantel VanSanten:I like people who are spontaneous and super goofy because I’m probably the goofiest person ever, like a 4-year-old in a 24-year-old girl’s body. I’m definitely immature. Guys are always telling me I’m like a guy because we’re always talking about sex or penises.
If the guys you hang out with are always talking about penises, then my competition isn’t as stiff as I thought. Wait, I mean...