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Name: Melody 

Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Age: 24

How were you discovered? I wish I could say I was one of the lucky ones who got discovered at a mall, eating fast food, or at a fruit stand, but I pursued modeling by going to Model Search America and found an agent there. 

What's the nerdiest thing about yourself? I stay in on Friday and Saturday night and watch "Whose Line Is It Anyway" my DVR'd "Simpsons" and "AFV"

What was the most enjoyable thing about this shoot? Just being a part of such a cool collaboration with Hush was pretty amazing and everyone I worked with made me feel so comfortable

What's your good-luck ritual when you go on a call? I don't really have one, just hope I do well and try to give people a good sense of who I am in the short amount of time I have

What kind of guys hit on you the most? Oh boy, I don't know where to start with that one. I can't say there is any one "kind" of guy, I mean, everyone loves an Asian girl, right? Hah.

If you weren't a model, what other profession would you want? I would love to be involved in politics. I can't help but notice there is a lack of female representation in politics so if I can be just one more female voice, that would be cool.

What's the sneakiest way you've ever used your looks to get over? I don't like to use my looks to get anything, at least intentionally. But I have had friends use me to ask for favors for them, like if a guy friend needs to bum a cigarette, he has me ask. I guess my odds are better.
If you could guest star in a music video, whose would it be? Wow, I could think of a lot. It's an old video, but the first thing I could think of is Ricky Martin's "She Bangs" video where that girl is going crazy, I would want to be that girl. She's just rocking out and looking hot doing it.

What's your least favorite thing about yourself? My feet, but that's a general dislike. I have no idea what nice feet look like because, to me, they are all just gross.

What's your favorite night-time hangout? Home, wherever it may be, it's the best place to hangout. Right now it's my apartment in Brooklyn. After a long day, I love going home and sitting on my couch, ahhhhhhhh.

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