The lonely island mc and hero monkey from Land of the Lost details the evolution of funny.

As told to Joe La Puma; Photography by Naomi Harris EMBRACE FAME.
Getting mistaken for Zac Efron is annoying. But I don’t mind having my name mispronounced. [It’s YOR-ma Ta-CONE—Ed.] For Land of the Lost I asked my manager if it was OK to change my name to Jer-Mac Pachoni. She said it was the dumbest idea she’d ever heard.

Fear and greed—that’s the perfect atmosphere for Lonely Island to work in. It’s just us three in a room consumed by fear and greed. We try to present that atmosphere around ourselves at all times.

“Dick In A Box” was based on a story my grandma told me as a kid. It’s one of those family stories that are passed down through generations. “Jizz In My Pants” was out of Andy [Samberg]’s life experience. But he doesn’t want to talk about it.

Andy and I are big movie buffs, so we’ll go see double features like Taken, with Taken again right after that. The second screening always involves more Jameson. I would hold him down if he ever had any rap beef, and by hold him down I mean hold him down on the ground while people got their licks in.