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Tyrese Gibson's MAYHEM! supporters you can now be the first to download 4 free pages of MAYHEM! in jpg format then bring them them to your local comic book store; ask to speak with the store buyer, then show the store buyer your 4 free pages of MAYHEM! and then ask them order MAYHEM! for their store. You're not just witnessing history, you are actually part of MAKING history!. MAYHEM! is on the rare path to break records in the comic industry, and with your support, together. we can change the way comics books are viewed. Together we can prove the skeptics wrong. It is well known that there is strength in unity, so I'm asking all MAYHEM! supporters to show the stores we are united if so then together we will break records. Our time is now, Let's seize the moment. Check out the preview (along with an exclusive look at the cover of Issue #2) below...

[Click on the image to see full size, or view the pages below...]

**BONUS EXCLUSIVE** Check out the cover of MAYHEM! Issue #2:


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