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There is a newsstand that I pass. I must say, being able to roll down the street and pass newsstands is really nice, you don't really see them anymore in Los Angeles, and it makes me feel like being back in New York. One day, I passed the newsstand and spotted something that made me proud and happy. It seems that work and passion will follow you where ever you go. The stand has an old school spinning rack for comic books, and this day, I happen to see that they had begun to carry a series called UTF. Now, you may be wondering why this particular series is so important to me...

Well, UTF was the first series that Arch Enemy Entertainment did as a company. The fact that people outside of comic book stores carry comics, especially the book of the company I now work for, really says something about society today. It really means a lot that our book is being carried, and more so that people want to read comics books more and more. I'm just very proud that UTF and Arch Enemy are at the frontline of the re-emergence of the comic book culture. There's more to come from Arch Enemy, and more ground to be broken.

In case anyone wants to stop by and check out the newsstand, the address is:

Above the Bold Larchmont Newsstand
226 N. Larchmont Blvd.
Los Angeles Ca 90004

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Please stop by the newsstand and tell them Percy sent you.

As always, see you next week.


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