So porn star Stormy Daniels might be contemplating a run for the U.S. Senate, thanks to a public-led Internet drive that has begun to attract national attention. "I might be a slut and a whore," she says, "but I'm not a criminal, and I've never been a hypocrite." Count us in, Stormy. You had us at "I might be a slut and a whore."

In fact, Ms. Daniels wouldn't be the first adult starlet to attempt to penetrate public office. We went back and found six vixens who tried to make the jump from fucking porn to fucking-people-over politics. See Stormy's predecessors below...

CANDIDATE: Cheri Manescu
OFFICE: Mayor of Rome (2008)
CONTROVERSIAL POSITIONS: The institution of Bukkake Fridays
SUGGESTED SLOGAN: "The (All) Natural Choice."

OFFICE: Governor of California (2003); Lieutenant Governor of California (2006)
CONTROVERSIAL POSITIONS: Hopefully, something about universal dental care
SUGGESTED SLOGAN: "It's the return of tits-for-tat politics."

CANDIDATE: Mimi Miyagi
OFFICE: Governor of Nevada (2006)
CONTROVERSIAL POSITIONS: What else: the Hawaiian muscle fuck
SUGGESTED SLOGAN: "Me represent you long time."

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