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If you know anything about me, then you have to know that Arrested Development is my all time favorite television show; and when Fox chose to cancel the show, I found that to be the stupidest move ever by a network (Please give me the name of the jackass who made that executive decision?). Well, after a long period of depression (due to my lack of having the Bluth family to laugh at), I was informed that Arrested Development was going to become an actual full-length featured film. It was rumored there were a few slight hold ups due to negotiations, (that's expected) but just knowing that there was a chance to see something new from Ron Howard, and the brilliant minds who write and cast on that show, made life a little better for me.

As I was hanging out at Meltdown a few weeks back, I noticed there were a large amount of television shows that were now comic books (which I think is cool), and gave me an idea; I said to myself, What if I transform my favorite television show into a comic book?

Then I thought to myself, How could I make this dream an reality? First, I spoke about it to one of my friends and business partner to get his perspective, and he figured out the best way to approach the situation. So after we came up with our plan, we decided to go sit down at a coffee shop and have some coffee/tea and go over some contracts (you know, executive type stuff). As we sat at our table, I noticed one of the three men at the table next to us resembled Arrested Development's George "GOB" Bluth II (played by Will Arnett); then when he actually spoke, I knew it was him.

I said to myself, Could this be true? The creator has heard my cries and answered my prayers? I didn't want to bother Mr. Arnett, because he and the other two gentleman, at his table, were in deep discussion, so I was polite, and did not bother them. I needed to go inside of the coffee shop, and as I went inside, one of the gentleman that was sitting with Mr. Arnett entered inside as well. Since we were both waiting on line, I introduced myself to him, and gave him my credentials in comic books, and then asked him if he was sitting with Will Arnett, and how I'm a big fan of the show Arrested Development; The gentleman replied back "Really? That's great, I was one of the writer for the show! Why don't you come join us, I know Will would love to meet you."

I thought to myself, Writer of the show? ...Has the creator heard my cries?... and answered my prayers? I asked the gentleman his name, and he said "Jim" so then Jim and I went back outside and he introduced me to Mr. Arnett, and we discussed a few business ideas (due to confidentiality agreement, I'm not at liberty to discuss the details of our conversation).

The moral to my story is that you never know what life has in store for you, and to never think that your dream is too big to become a reality (if Pinocchio can become a real boy, you can too!). As for the creator finally hearing my cries, and answering my prayers about creating a Arrested Development comic book?...stay tuned. So, I would like to say to Mr. James "Jim" Vallely... you're a hell of a guy, thank you for everything, and I'll talk to you soon. And by the way, to all of you Complex readers who keep asking me about how to get my music, you can purchase all MF GRIMM's music at Itunes..It's a smart move. See you next week'until then, dream BIG.


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