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BOOM! Studios was founded in 2005 by Ross Ritchie and Andrew Cosby, the creator of the Sci-fi show Eureka. I must say, they've assembled one hell of a team. I had the opportunity to hang out with them for the entire month of January of 2009 at Meltdown Comics, and I must say I'm very impressed with the entire company from the owners to the chief to the staff...

I normally have trouble with the mind set of the comic book publishers that I'm around because I feel like they don't have enough brilliant minds to do real business; you're lucky if you have one or two people who can actually think and are not scared to make a decision on their own. BOOM! is like a family and the closest bond I can think of outside being a marine; they actually care about each other and they also break the golden rule of comic book publishers....Yes ladies and gentleman...they care about their customers!... oh, the nerve of them.

Yes, in the age of comics where most disrespect the reader, and separate the company from the consumers who put money in their pocket, BOOM! actually cares about what the customer thinks and even goes the extra mile to meet and greet customers at local comic book stores to discuss comic books (or even sports if you like). I'm talking about from the owners of BOOM! to every last employee. To tell you the truth, I despise the majority of comic book publishing companies because they're run by fake people that are so out of touch with today's reader that they're bound to go out of business sooner than later.

As you see what's going on in the market lately, most of them are saying bye bye, but not BOOM!. Especially with marketing grandmaster Chip Mosher; Chip is the real deal and the most down to earth person you'll ever have the chance to meet in the comic book industry. Chip has the ability to stay many steps ahead of the market and still has time to teach others. One other thing about BOOM! Is that they all have a background in wonder they're so good at that thing called um...what is called again?...oh yeah, business! Business is like Bigfoot in the comic book industry, always heard of it but never actually seen it.
As for Mark Waid, what can you say? I was like a little kid around him. I had the chance to talk one on one about the planet Krypton and everything Superman with him, the only person with the title Brainiac 6; and anyone who knows me knows that it was a dream come true. I'm proud to call them a comic book publishing company and I'm a loyal supporter. Matt, Paul, Ian, Mark, Ross, Chip and the rest of the crew, thank you for making me feel like part of The BOOM! Family and keep up the good work. By the way, it is true'Mark Waid is Evil!

But find out for yourself, go to his website he will tell you why I said it.



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