Like many artists on this list, Lil Boosie's official, label-sanctioned releases only give a very limited picture of his overall creative direction. Paired with Thug Passion, which droppd within weeks of this release, Superbad: The Return of Mr. Wipe Me Down was one of his best.

Released shortly before he became ensnared in a bevy of legal problems—including a murder charge—the tape was so loaded that it felt like a full LP. The opening string of tracks hit with devastating power: "Long Journey" was an introspective tour-de-force, "Got Them Hos" was a strangely wistful song about his female fans' devotion. "Fuck the Police" reinvented a timeless gangster rap theme with particularly personal viciousness, while "Sunshine" was an unusually optimistic slow summer jam for the self-described savage.

As for the opener "Take You Down," buying a T-Pain hook near the height of that artist's commercial peak and then tossing it away on a free mixtape may have been foolish. Or it may have just been that Boosie had taken stunting to an entirely new level. —David Drake