Juicy J willed himself into a successful new career arc—one as a solo artist—with the second installment of his Rubba Band Business series. Boasting a hefty 25 tracks and backed almost exclusively by Lex Luger production, the mixtape sits at the forefront of a sound (partially inspired by the bombast of Juicy's earlier Three 6 Mafia recordings) that would later result in massive hits like his own "Bandz A Make Her Dance." But before any of that happened, it was on this project that Juicy began carefully cultivating that style.

Much of Juicy J's subject matter from the first Rubba Band Business—drugs, sex, money—remains intact on its sequel, but more so than on the previous iteration, it's here that he organizes those ideas into commodifiable song structure. "My mansion sitting on 40 acres, who da neighbors/Kobe Bryant from the Lakers, now that's paper" grows from an amusing quip on the Wiz Khalifa-assisted "Erryday" to its own full-blown, club-rattling chorus on "Who Da Neighbors." Records like "A Zip and a Double Cup" and "So Damn Fucked Up" take Juicy's "trippy" mantra from catchphrase to musical force. He hasn't looked back since. —Ernest Baker

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