Jadakiss is a great rapper who has never had a classic album. But he does have a classic mixtape, The Champ Is Here. Released as a promo for Kiss of Death, the gritty street tape surpassed Jada's album because it was hardcore throughout and didn't feature the lackluster crossover attempts that Jada never delivered on (save for "Why").

Songs like "40 Bars of Terror" had punchlines like, "And I'm in the hood like Chinese wings," while tracks like "Carry Your Casket" were as rugged and grim as anything Jada's ever released: "Niggas that you running around getting ass with/Ain't gone help you do nothing but carry your casket."

What makes Kiss of Death so frustrating is that at the time, Jada was actually wearing the title belt: His flow had been emulated all throughout rap. He just had to deliver the knockout blow on his album. He didn't, but at least The Champ Is Here serves as an awesome montage sequence akin to Rocky running up the stairs. —Insanul Ahmed