Curren$y has always presented himself as an entertaining contradiction: the clever stoner. His flow is lazy, almost Ma$e-like, but the lyrics and punchlines are always on point. This Ain't No Mixtape illustrates that juxtaposition to a T. On a track like "Get It Ya Self," you might find yourself drowsily head nodding, caught up in a sonic hotbox hypnosis. But then Spitta pulls out a line like, "Get it in like clowns in the Volkswagen," and you're immediately shocked back to life.

His fans might be dying for Spitta's breakout moment, but after stints with No Limit and Young Money, he's content being an underground king. But if that's what it takes to keep Curren$y producing material like this, then so be it. —Alysa Lechner

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