Producer: Wyldfyer
Album: Theater of the Mind

Coming out the same year as Weezy's most successful album, Tha Carer III, this was a high-profile collaboration, and one of the standouts on Theater of the Mind. The two rappers rise over the anthemic, Wyldfyer-produced beat as if their lives are on the line. Luda goes in on everyone, from rappers ("That three of your top five's too scared to f**k with me") to the most powerful of people ("They say O'Reilly don't like him, Oprah won't invite him, the president announced him, no one will announce him"). Meanwhile, Wayne handles the middle-verse in typical scatter-brained fashion, his frenetic delivery making its mark. One of the last songs on the album, Luda delivers on his aggressive declarative to his listeners: "Emcee means move the crowd."Dharmic X