Producer: Bangladesh
Album: Back for the First Time

While "Ho" is sure to get people fired up because the term, and Ludacris' entire chorus seems to degrade women, he came out with a statement shortly after the song blew up saying that he was attempting to desexualize the word by even calling himself, and other men, hos in the song. Whether we believe that or not, Luda's "Ho" chorus was simple, repetitive, and very successful. The track, a Bangladesh production on Luda's debut album Back for the First Time, debuted at No. 4 on the charts and has been certified six times platinum. His play on the word "Ho" is incredible; he includes the word on nearly every line of the track—most notably "It's just a ho-asis/with ugly chicks faces/But hoes don't feel so sad and blue/Cause most of us n***** is hoes too."Lauren Nostro