Producer: Ron Browz
Album: Chicken-n-Beer

When it was announced in 2002 that Ludacris would be a spokesperson for Pepsi, Bill O'Reilly had a lot of fucks to give. Demanding that Luda be removed from affiliation with the company, O'Reilly claimed that the rapper "disrespects women, encourages drug use and encouraged violence." Pepsi fired Ludacris. But what was an unfortunate circumstance for Ludacris turned into a great lyrical diss for fans in "Blow It Out." Luda is personally addressing O'Reilly when he explains: "Shout out to Bill O'Reilly, I'ma throw you a curve/You mad 'cause I'm a thief and got away with words/I'ma start my own beverage company, it'll calm your nerves/Pepsi's the New Generation—blow it out ya ass." In a weird, cosmic twist of events, the two came face to face almost seven years later at a dinner they were both attending. The odd pair reconciled and even doubled up on a charity event later on. Alysa Lechner