Album: Street Gospel
Label: Polygram
Producer: DJ Quik, Robert "Fonksta" Bacon, G-One

Every family has some peripheral uncle who appears only occasionally. No one knows where he comes from, but he packs more charm and has bigger stories and is a little funnier and a little scarier than anyone else in the family-because he is unhinged. And then you realize that's why he only appears occasionally. That's Suga Free's role in L.A. rap. The question of why he isn't a bigger star would be relevant if its answer were not so evident: he has too much style and he refuses to make music for the masses.

Also he is from Pomona, and continues to represent the Inland Empire. For that reason, he would probably agree that you haven't really listened to “Dip Da” until you've listened to it at 2:30am while driving through the Donut Hole in La Puente. By “driving through,” you must actually drive inside an enormous fabricated donut to pick up your crullers. Suga Free could rap the menu at the Donut Hole without a beat, and it would still be the most musical L.A. rap song of this year.