Album: Malice n Wonderland
Label: Priority/Doggystyle
Producer: Scoop Deville

There are a couple of amazing things about “I Wanna Rock.” For one, its existence-the fact that Snoop was still making smash records on the eve of his 40th birthday is astounding. The fact that he doesn't change but doesn't repeat himself is astounding. The fact that he rhymes “vamanos” and “dominos” and makes it a hit is astounding.

It's astounding that the production uses the least usable part of Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock's 1988 song “It Takes Two.” More astounding than anything is the fact that the production comes courtesy of Kid Frost's son. Twenty years after “La Raza,” and now Kid Frost's son is producing hit records for Snoop Dogg? If that doesn't prove that L.A. rap is one big happy extended family, then by all means, keep listening to Corey Gunz.