Album: Goblin
Label: XL Recordings
Producer: Tyler, The Creator

50 years ago Fairfax Village was a hangout for bell-bottoms and longhairs. Twenty-five years ago Guns N' Roses dirtied the booths at Canter's Deli. In 2012, the street was claimed once again, this time for a crew of multicolored teenagers who made a career out of loitering in the skate shops that proliferated among the Hasidic stores near Canter's. One week after “Sandwitches” appeared as an internet-only single on Odd Future's website, the crew played their first proper show at the Low End Theory in Lincoln Heights.

They opened with “Sandwitches,” Tyler debuting the now-famous forest green balaclava routine. Hodgy Beats stole the show with one vicious line, which he rapped like someone who was about to bite your nose off, or already had it in his mouth: “You told me God was the answer / When I ask him for shit, I get no answer/So GOD is the CANCER.” For a song that was only a week old, about half the audience already knew every word.

In one year, that number multiplied by several million as Odd Future toured the world on a wave of creativity and infamy. Every show opened with “Sandwitches,” until the surprise was sucked out of “Fuck the mask I want the hoe to know it's me.” And even then it was great. Fifty years from now, there will be a new wave of kids on Fairfax and old people will fondly recite lines about punching pregnant bitches, although by then Tyler's Dom Kennedy reference will probably be lost to history.