Album: Made in America
Label: East West America, Elektra
Producer: DJ Battlecat

The word is a friend to anyone in need of a fast reason why L.A. sucks: “Traffic.” Kam's brilliance is that he somehow turned traffic into a positive. In his song, traffic isn't something to complain about-it's a metaphor for the pulse of L.A. culture. Cause I'm known as a peacemaker on the L.A. streets/Wakin' black people up over gangster beats/I'm in traffic.”

Parking lots, swap meets, barbershops-being in traffic is all about living the day. "In Traffic" also functions as a helpful instructional manual for averting the authorities: “Damn, a nigga can't even kick it/Tried to defile it and got a hydraulic ticket/I'm takin' off of this clown and skated/Court sent me a bill and I still ain't paid it.” There isn't a car owner in the county who can't relate.