Album: The Young Son of No One
Label: Atlantic
Producer: L.A. Posse

The rap music equivalent of the D.C. Comics character Harvey Dent—aka Two-Face, because in comics, as in rap, there’s always an aka—“L.A. Posse” is cut down the middle: 50% New York and 50% Los Angeles.  Confusingly, “L.A. Posse” is not just the name of the song but the name of the production team that made it, who weren’t from L.A., but rather from Queens.

Originally signed to Def Jam, they were set to produce LL Cool J’s Bigger and Deffer but things fell through and they relocated to L.A., where they hooked up with Breeze, an L.A. native with a style based on LL Cool J. 

If that’s not confusing enough, try wrapping your head around the beat, which essentially runs a Zapp song and a James Brown song (well, a Hank Ballard song, produced by James Brown) at the same time, for the deluxe bicoastal mindwarp.