Fridays are intimidating. At the end of each week, an avalanche of new music arrives. Suddenly everyone is throwing the hottest takes about singles, albums, and mixtapes by noon, and it quickly gets tough to keep up with. To help you separate the peaks from the many valleys, we’re listing the breakout moments from the week. The borders are genreless, some songs may be unreleased, and freestyles or covers are free game.

This week R&B takes over. Brent Faiyaz—the singer who brought Goldlink’s “Crew” to life—releases his long-awaited solo album Sonder Son. dvsn, the OVO Sound R&B duo, drop their second studio album. All while legendary and up-and-coming southern rappers alike add melodic components to their music, whether on guest features or solo tracks.

These are The Top New Songs You Should Listen to Right Now.