It takes a lot to overshadow March Madness, but leave it to Drake to steal the week without even releasing new music. For most artists a week where you were honored with your own night at an NBA game and had your single remain at number 1 on the Billboard charts for the seventh straight week would be good enough, but not Drake. With rumors of a second single on the horizon Drake teamed up with video game streamer Ninja, Travis Scott and NFL player Juju Smith-Schuster to play the worldwide sensation Fortnite and break the Twitch streaming viewership record.

Rappers streaming themselves playing video games isn’t a new thing. It dates back to Soulja Boy uploading his Madden showdowns with Bow Wow on YouTube over a decade ago, and today artists like Logic and Lil Yachty connect with their fans on a consistent basis through Twitch. But there’s something special about the world’s biggest artist embracing the fact that music and its marketing is headed down a new path. Drake refuses to be left behind.

And just because Drake didn’t decide to surprise drop any music while playing Fortnite, plenty of other artists did. These are the best songs of the week.