Producer: George Kerr
Album: Skull Snaps
Label: GSF

Ami: "That's a Stezo from Connecticut discovery! He had a record out on Fresh/Sleeping Bag records. After after that, to this day, people are like, 'Yo, you got that Skull Snaps record?' That's one of those records, if you're a serious collector, you've gotta have. If you don't have Skull Snaps in your collection, your collection is weak."

Kon: "Another famous break with heavy compression. I don't know what they decided to do, but whatever they did in that session they did it right. The first person to use that was Stezo from Connecticut for 'My Turn.' But that whole Skull Snaps LP is bananas, by the way."

Sampled On: Stezo "It's My Turn" (1989)