Producer: Jean Huysmans
Album: Ball Of Eyes
Label: CBS

Amir: "Placebo is a legendary jazz group from Belgium. Not a lot of people have used that record, because it's super rare. Pete Rock used a piece of it, for this group he was producing for called The UN.

"I had to give him props, because it's not an easy record to get. It's a good song, but not something you'd necessarily want to sample. I don't know he was able to do it. He must have got the beginning and then went on to get something else.

Kon: "That's a record that Amir had doubles of, and we were gonna do a trade. That's like an $800 record to this day. Mock Mouland is the guy behind it. Another record that was light years ahead of its time. It's heavy jazz funk fusion, but it's pretty much like proto-hip-hop, the way the swing is and the shuffle and just how it bangs.

"Heavy clavinet, the Hohner D6 is all over that through little pedals and just got a lot of weirdo, experimental sounds come off that record. Amir sold that to the producer who produced Nelly. You know, the big Grammy, platinum, down south guy. I forget his name, but he is very into records. Amir calls me the next day and is like, 'Yo, you're going to hate me but I sold that record!'"

Sampled On: Pete Rock f/ Roc Marciano & Trife "Give It To Ya'll" (2001)