Producer: Juggy Murray
Album: Spectrum
Label: United Artists

Amir: "Back when 'Time's Up' was a humongous song in hip hop, I remember everyone was like, 'What is that record?' I chose some of the records because of the impact that the sample had on hip- hop-it drove people to collect music or look for that artist and into that type of genre."

Kon: "That's OC's 'Time's Up,' which was pretty much a loop of this instrumental cover of the Beatles song, done in a very different way. I am a big fan of covers provided they do something different. I don't wanna hear a cover that's almost identical.

"It's just someone's interpretation of a Beatles record, and it's a crazy one. Les Demerle is a drummer. That's Buckwild making another bonafide classic marriage between emcee and a hot loop, a hot beat."

Sampled On: O.C. "Time's Up" (1994)