Producer: Brethren, Jay Senter
Album: Brethren
Label: Tiffany

Amir: "That's the biggest drum break of the '90s. If it wasn't the hi-hats, it was the kick or the snare from the song. There were a lot of hip hop records that used it. Once people found what it was after hearing it on the second Gang Starr album, they went to town with that record."

Kon: "Buckwild and Pete Rock sampled the hell out of that. Premier was the first to use that break, though, on the Step in the Arena album for 'Precisely the Right Rhymes.' That was the break he used and that was before anyone. I love that break to this day. Pete Rock used it all over the Main Ingredient LP; he tweaked it in so many different ways. It's not some huge Billy Squire 'Big Beat' break, but it's very distinct."

Sampled On: Gang Starr "Precisely the Right Rhymes" (1991)