Producer: Alan Shacklock, Nick Mobbs
Album: First Base
Label: Capitol

Amir: "Some cats in hip-hop definitely sampled that, but for me, it's about the b-boy aspect. There's a few songs like 'Apache' and that one, when you hear it, it gives you goosebumps."

Kon: "Another b-boy anthem. It was a crazy record. I think initially, I had it on a 45 under a different name-same group, but it's from a soundtrack. I think for a Fistful of Dollars or something like that. I can't even remember. But that's a record that Kool Herc killed 'em with. Not that I was there, but reading my history and hearing about it. Another timeless b-boy anthem."

Sampled On: Organized Konfusion "Prisoners Of War" (1991)