Weed rules the world. Medical marijuana is now legal in 29 states and the District of Columbia. By 2020, the legal cannabis industry is projected to create 250,000 jobs and be worth an estimated $24 billion by 2025. Cities like Denver, Colorado, Seattle, Washington, and Las Vegas, Nevada are making it easier for potheads to flourish both recreationally and financially. Even cannabis companies are buying entire towns to create tourist destinations. In a political climate where it feels like the world is burning to the ground by the day, sometimes all one can do is light one up and pray for a high if fleeting reprieve.


The growth of the sector is even impacting pop culture. Women are getting their very own TV series centered on weed executive produced and co-created by Snoop Dogg. “Marijuana Moms” are being featured on the Today show describing how pot helps their parenting skills. Rappers are even getting successful strains of weed like Wiz Khalifa’s KK. Despite, the booming nature of the weed business there is still an underlying stigma towards marijuana; especially, when it comes to what races profit most directly from the increasing decriminalization of the plant.

In a Complex article about the realities of being black in the white-dominated weed industry, Dr. Lakisha Jenkins, Natural Health Counselor/Natural Healer and founding board member of the California Cannabis Industry Association described the disparity. “I think the lack of participation by people of color [in the weed business] comes from the fear of it,” describes Jenkins. “We’ve been arrested for this in disproportionate amounts and it's been tearing our families and communities apart for years...As a person of color you’re legislatively barred from participating because application fees are so high or the cost of entry into the industry is so high that you don't have the financial means to compete.”

However, before TV execs and suburban moms saw dollar signs and dreams of better parenting, one refuge for stoners has always been music. Regardless of genre, marijuana is a common song themes throughout reggae, rock, jazz, and rap. Countless stars and fans throughout history have bonded over the healing effects of one magical plant.

In honor of this, we compiled a list of the best weed songs to help soundtrack any high.

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