Spoken word and hip-hop twosome Subculture Sage are back with a brand new EP. T A K E 3 E P sees the pair get a little more introspective than we're normally used to, but it's all the more incisive. Opener "Fuck All Day" urges us to "love each other like the earth loves the sun"—then on "Health And Safety", we got one of the set's most powerful lines: "Who are they to try and tell me my health and safety? / All they're trying to do is get the whole grid on lock / look after the rich and leave the rest of us the slops." 

That said, don't think for a second that Subculture Sage have abandoned their playful, humourous side. Just as we've settled in for an unflinching round of social commentary, they hit us with the rowdy boom bap of "Rude Thai Shit" and lines like "I got the mic in my hand and my dick in my pants."

And, let's not forget the fun-loving "Happy Like The Sunking" with Illamanwhich Complex premiered back in May. You already know how dope that one was, so scroll down and get familiar with both sides of this infectious duo.