Anyone who’s seen the first few minutes of Speed understands the fear of getting trapped inside an elevator. Though these are rare incidents that are usually resolved without major issues, they can be scary AF and induce everything from mild nervousness to a full-blown panic; however, when Pharrell recently found himself in this situation, he reportedly kept his cool the entire time. He even got to listen to one of his biggest and most uplifting hits as he waited to be rescued.

“Ironically, [his song] ‘Happy’ was playing on the sound system. He was with his security team and about 12 other people,” a source told Page Six. “He kept calm and collected until the fire department arrived. They never got the door fully open, so everyone had to climb though the door to get out.”

The incident occurred as Pharrell was on his way to the premiere of his new Netflix animated series True and the Rainbow Kingdom. After being stuck on the elevator for nearly half an hour, he made it to the event seemingly unfazed.

“Well, we were stuck in the elevator,” he told the crowd at the Grove in Los Angeles, “but now I’m here. It was hot in there!”