Korean-American rapper/singer Jessi has made a name for herself overseas, and is making a move for crossover appeal stateside. If her Un2verse EP is any indicator, that transition shouldn't be a difficult task as she blends K-pop sensibility with a style that feels fresh for the times.

Today, Complex premieres Jessi's video for "Arrived," which touches on her journey thus far and where she's going. "Don't question me, my destiny is manifested/Count my blessings, hold me down, you can count on Jessi/Don't let 'em blind you, it's hard to see who's fake or real/Let me remind you I'm here to stay, I came to kill," she raps while driving off in a futuristic sports car. Catch up.

Check out the video for the Big Banana-produced "Arrived," presented by The Cut, and grab Jessi's Un2verse EP on iTunes.