Over the last few weeks, the beef between the WWE Smackdown Tag Team Champions The Usos and the triple threat known as The New Day has been heating up, and surprisingly, there have been some bars exchanged during it. It got so heated on the rap tip that the WWE decided to call on D.C.'s own Wale to help moderate a special rap battle on this week's episode of Smackdown, and it was a segment to remember.

Heads should already know that Wale has been a fan of wrestling for years now. From doing random promo shoots with title belts on his shoulder to dropping wrestling-themed singles with fellow wrestling lover Smoke DZA to talking the WWE's mainstream appeal at ComplexCon last year to interviewing New Day member Kofi Kingston over their shared lover of sneakers for this very site, he was truly the man right man for the job on Tuesday night.

The clip above is legit set up like a Smack battle, with Wale doing a great impression of Smack saying his name at the beginning. Both sides had crews behind them (word to Mega Ran standing with the New Day), and traded darts that poked holes in the personas each squad has built up. Somehow, Kofi found a way to get a "weeniedo" joke off in 2017, and The Usos more than held their own. But the illest bar from The Usos is edited out of the YouTube clip, even though it aired live and is a trip.

For those who aren't up on this, the "R-rated like Xavier Woods" line is in regards to a sex tape featuring Xavier Woods and WWE Superstar Paige that leaked back in March. The Usos themselves made a subtle reference to Woods' ordeal just days after the tape leaked, but this Usos line was much more biting and more than likely off the script, hence why the WWE cut it from their YouTube video. Shouts to Wale for throwing in "Don Demarco" chants, like this was a legit battle.

Wale was all over the WWE programming during his visit to Smackdown. Here's what he had to say before the battle (word to OGJOHNNY5 and DZA next to him):

After Smackdown went off the air, the WWE produced their 205 Live show for the WWE Network, which Wale was also in attendance for. He even filmed a segment with Titus O'Neil, who reportedly signed Wale to his Titus Worldwide squad. Here's their press conference:

This had to have been a lot of fun for Wale and the rap-loving wrestling community, and while the WWE lowkey scrubbed it, the illest line from the night has been saved, thanks to the internets. Bang...bang.