On Friday, Lupe Fiasco delivered a two-part review of Jay Z's 4:44 from his Instagram account. While you might be saying to yourself "Wait a minute, didn't that come out more than two weeks ago?" Yeah, that's correct. But as shitty online news has certainly taught me over the past few years, expediency isn't necessarily a virtue. Oh, and also he was overseas and couldn't find a practical way to listen to it:



A post shared by Lupe Fiasco (@lupefiasco) on Jul 14, 2017 at 9:53am PDT

As you can see, he rhymed through the review in both Part 1...:

...and Part 2...:

TL;DR 10/10.

Also, without the page break that comes from Instagram limitations, it reads as follows (provide your own beat in your head if you want):

Album dropped when I was overseas, data plans & coverage limitations wouldn't allow a decent listen, usually like to oversee when I be whippin, back from china on a American, long story I'll take you back there again, for now let's just focus on the pair of twins times 3, the 13th Jigga, had to make the review rhyme this time for you niggas, shit takes me back like Royal slippers, with sublime glimpses of that old spitter, baseline bully, he wouldn't freestyle a whole album would he?, leave the speculation to the bookies, push me back to when we was rookies, chip off the old Roc, presenting my cookies to the cutter, the album is better than yours motherfuckers, hence why I peruse swift, and curse all ya gifts, Smile is the shit, 4:44 too personal for my opinion, but makes me wanna go up and apologize to random women, Blame Jay, the vibe checkered but dirty beats make it hard to sneak past the first 5 records, looped up the jewels viewing the clarity during a layover, right now awesome, give you the rest when I get to Boston...👍🏾

The second half meditation, sounds like what happens when education meets decorations for mass that met black witchcraft and went half on calf, holy cow, MARCY ME!, had to put it in all caps, the artistry separates the bullshit from the Bulls Chips, partially, all facts, how he gone take it there? The beat feel like Sanaa Lathan hair...in slow motion, next to the ocean, wordplay gorgeous, 5 mics no sources, I ain't publicly leaned back bopped in a while especially to this style of a portrait, vulnerable but not tortured, a fortress ain't gotta force it, real time classic, a revival of the corpus, the Tribeca Jay cool but he like for the masses, the Brooklyn Jay a ghoul only suitable for the masters, MARCY ME so fucking stupid! Funny part is I know exactly how he do it, can even reproduce it, but just cuz you can imitate the bruises that don't mean they Bruce's, message to the hearer, Lee that boy alone, he's fighting without fighting we just cuts inside his mirror!

Stop Hiding Behind Hooks & Fill Up A Rhyme Book....😏 

Music critics of the world, mimic this format at your own risk.