With a sound described as a "combination of moody, soulful vocals influenced by the Motown/doo wop era", there's also splices of "London living, R&B, hip-hop and grime" in the musical mixture of up-and-comer Jesse Elvis. As grandiose and ambitious as this all sounds, Elvis neatly packages his formative influences here on "All Good".

Boasting an arrestingly rich texture to his vocal, complete with a smooth grasp of harmony, it's reminiscent of The Temptations and Delfonics in a slow and soulful build. The next layer of beat-boxed percussion however, transforms the essence and we're left with a wonderfully forward thinking, yet throwback-nodding slice of British soul. 

Serving as the perfect intro to unfamiliar ears, Jesse Elvis' forthcoming EP, Paint The Picture, is due to drop in July. But, while we wait, take in "All Good" via the visuals up above.