The end of Tyga and Kylie Jenner's ongoing dating saga might finally be in sight. After yet another reported split and an "awkward" encounter with her now ex, Jenner was spotted at Coachella hanging out with Travis Scott, which suggests both parties are in the midst of moving on.

To restore balance to the universe, Tyga has since been seen spotted out on the town with a new lady friend. TMZ has gone so far as to call her a "Kylie-bot" because of certain similarities in their appearances and styles. And while that's a bit of a reach if you ask us—a lot of people have dark hair and wear crop tops—that hasn't stopped Twitter from going in on Tyga, who got caught with a really guilty look on his face by the paparazzi.

It isn't all bad for Tyga. Despite being captured on camera with the look of a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar, a lot of people feel like this new woman is an upgrade from Jenner:

But even if you believe this to be true, the harsh reality of the situation sets in right afterward:

Knowing the up-and-down history of this relationship, it's premature to say the Tyga/Kylie union is over for good. Maybe everyone else is just overreacting, and the duo will look back and have a good laugh about this later.

But as a word of advice, Tyga, you really need to work on the whole "low profile" thing. If you want to be spotted out with a new woman, do your thing, but at least have the sense to not look like you just robbed a bank when the lens flashes.