Sydney rapper Mistah Mez has just brought us his third EP in 3 years called Strange Tings, and as expected, it's an impressively put together project that expertly reveals the range he's developed in the time in between releases. Mez has said the album was heavily influenced by southern rap and trap music, and that spurred him to create a brand new sound for this project with consistent collaborator DJ Sefru, as well as experimenting with some freshened-up flows.

While we already heard the certifiably dope lead singles "HMU - Anytime" and "Yayo" earlier in the year, Mistah Mez has come through with a whole bunch of new joints to make up a full EP for fans to really sink their teeth into. While perhaps best-known for his turnt up tracks, the Sydney-sider has gone out of his way to show us some sides unseen on these songs too.

Strange Tings sees him talking about his past, broken relationships with partners and friends, his dealings with addiction, as well as all the difficulties that come with chasing dreams – all quite new lyrical territory for the rapper. As the first step in a different direction, Mez has said he's especially excited to tour and perform this one, and fans are likely to feel the same about seeing it. While we wait for those shows to inevitably storm through our cities, you can check out the EP for yourself above.