A few days back, we learned that a thirsty fan was going to be hit with felony robbery charges after being discovered in Drake's home with a belly full of Pepsi and rocking one of Drake's hoodies. Despite her claims that she was allowed in the home, no one in the squad knew how she got there. Jacking all of those drinks was about to land the unidentified 24-year-old woman in a whole mess of trouble, but it sounds like Drake's stepped up to make her life much easier.

Sources have reportedly told TMZ that Drake's lawyer contacted the Los Angeles County district attorney to say Drizzy will not cooperate in any prosecution in this case. It's being reported that Drake fears the woman might have mental issues, and wouldn't want her to be sent to prison over something like $10 worth of drinks.

As TMZ states, it's highly unlikely the D.A. would pursue this case any further without Drake wanting to make this woman a felon. You could say that Drake gave this woman More Life. See what I did there? It was a joke based on the title of Drake's playlist, More Life.

No? What if I screamed "MORE SODA FOR YA HEAD TOP"? Anyone out there with any soda-related More Life puns? It's early.