Target: Big Boy Records, Mystikal
Producer: Mannie Fresh
Album: Uptown 4 Life
Label: Cash Money
Best Line: "You fake cheerleadin, bitch" (Yella Boy)

Feeling slighted by some stray shots Mystikal fired off on his single "Beware," crosstown rivals UNLV struck back with "Drag Em 'N the River," a scorching N.O. anthem that poked fun at Mystikal's braids and his past as a high school cheerleader. At the time, Cash Money (where UNLV was signed) and Big Boy Records (home to Mystikal) were battling for top indie label status in New Orleans, and "Drag Em" quickly escalated the tension between the two factions. Mystikal eventually responded via a few bars on "Let's Get Em" from Master P's Ghetto D album, but at that point Mystikal was riding with the Tank and was far too big to concern himself with lowly regional artists.