Target: Lil Flip
Producer: Rick Rubin
Album: N/A
Label: N/A
Best Line: "Lyrically I'll murk you/Physically I'll hurt you/You ain't never ran the streets you had a curfew"

Nick Fury, the producer of Lil Flip's 2004 hit "Game Over," invited T.I. to appear on the star-studded remix of the record, but Flip wasn't with it, and T.I. was left snubbed. Lil Flip went on to allegedly diss T.I. during a concert in his hometown of Atlanta, while the self-proclaimed King of the South was incarcerated.

Once free, T.I. went on a Lil Flip slander campaign, claiming it was game over for Flip, who was nothing but a studio gangster who lived in the suburbs and wore Leprechaun outfits (which Flip famously donned on the cover of his The Leprechaun album). The beef was eventually squashed, but not before the two came to fisticuffs in Flip's Houston neighborhood of Cloverland, where T.I. was visiting with a camera crew to expose Flip as a fraud.